Why this contest?

You have a voice and it should be heard! This contest is for you to provide solutions and not just an opinion!

But beyond that simple concept, there are three primary reasons I am sponsoring this contest. First, as I assessed the 1,150 stories submitted this year for the “Imagination Begins with You…” high school writing contest it became clear that there were some real life themes that you are passionate about. Second, my generation have left you (which includes my children) nearly $20 trillion in debt. Before we make it worse, you should have a voice in how we solve problems. Finally (and most importantly), I believe that some of you will have the solutions we need to make this country better.

Who can enter? Any middle or high school student (including those who have just graduated in 2017).

Is there an award? Yes! There is an award of $100 for the best thought out idea and a random drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card (each entry will be entered for a chance to win). However, the real purpose will be to have your voice heard.

What is the subject? The following categories are available: Discrimination, Tolerance, Free Speech, Teen Suicide, Loss of a Parent, Immigration, Respect, Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Other. I may add a few more if themes arise in the other category. You may enter one (and only one idea) per category.

Content? The ideas should be limited to 250 words. You should simply state the problem you are trying to solve and then concisely state your idea to solve the problem. A well thought out solution will recognize the consequences (good and bad). Remember that solutions to a problem can be either things we need to do differently, start to do, or should stop doing.

What will you do with the entries? I will send some of the ideas onto congress or others that might be able to act on the ideas (you should do the same). I will also write a blog which will incorporate the ideas. I will publish some of them on this page for others to view. Hopefully, you all will share so that the word will get out.

So let your voice be heard!

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